Types of Therapy

I offer individual and family counseling with the focus on mindfulness. Utilizing cognitive-behavioral tools to help you identify patterns of behavior, make lasting positive changes to your relationship and your state of mind.

Depression hurts. Anxiety paralyses. Therapy can help take those symptoms away … for good. Those commercials were right … depression DOES feel like a black cloud over your head, which follows you around wherever you go and colors everything you do. When you’re depressed it seems impossible to see the bright side of things. When you are anxious, every task can feel overwhelming, worry plaques your mind constantly. Your relationships suffer, your work suffers, everything suffers when depression or anxiety take hold of you. When everything looks grey and overwhelming there is hope and help. I can provide you with the tools to reduce your feelings of anxiety and depression. Techniques such as:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Thought and behavior tracking
  • Thought stopping
  • Guided meditation
  • Progressive muscle relaxation

You can build awareness of your mind states, your patterns of thinking and actions that lead you to become depressed and anxious. We will develop new coping skills to change the sad and worried thought patterns that hinder your enjoyment of Life.

Has communication broken down between you and your child? Feeling Like a “bad parent” sometimes? I’m here to help improve communication between you and your child and bring back the relationship that you miss when all the tools you’ve tried don’t seem to work.

As a parent myself, I know that kids change in a heartbeat. From taking their first steps, (then in what seems like a minute) to dealing with friends and academic challenges and will need you to adapt and change right along with them. I will work with the whole family to understand and overcome the challenges you and your family face today and help you develop and maintain a positive relationship with your child.

Additionally I focus on working with the modern family, in all its forms, and will work with you to design a treatment plan that works with your families unique needs. Sometimes, try as we might, we feel ill equipped to meet the needs of our very own children. I have heard parents say, “I just don’t know what else to do…I’m at my wits end!” Or, “I’m a bad parent, I’ve failed him.” Let me just say, No, you have not failed them. And Yes, there is hope for your child. To make a significant change in your child’s behavior involves working with you, the parent, the most significant person in their lives.

The world is at your child’s fingertips more than ever before…with a push of a button your child has access to information we would never even dream up when we were children! Your child is exposed to more sexual material, to virtual bullying, to blatantly incorrect information, to advertisers focusing exclusively on whatever your child types into their Google search. That’s scary. So how do you help your child navigate their world given the availability of all this material? I can help with that too… I’m aware of all these challenges and have worked with kids and families around these very issues.

You don’t need to hide your child in a closet, learn about them and I will help you talk to your kids. Call me for a free initial phone consultation and we’ll talk about you and your child’s needs.

Sex is such a taboo subject. It’s is what got us all here, yet we struggle to talk about it, we hide many secrets about, often times our culture or religion suppresses our ability to discuss ourselves as sexual beings. I would like to help you shine a light on those dark areas of your life, to facilitate a conversation bringing sex and sexuality out in the open to discuss with the significant people in your life.

Sexual Health Involves:

  • Having a healthy, joyful sex life with a consensual partner. Both partners need to feel heard and each of their needs taken into consideration. I can help facilitate that conversation.
  • When to talk to your children about sex. The term means different things at different ages, which means a different conversation at each stage in their development.
  • How to support your teen questioning their sexuality or coming out.

Sexual Health is NOT:

  • Feeling like you are in a pattern of unhealthy sexual behavior you need to hide, or which is affecting your relationship with your partner.
  • Conversion Therapy. It’s (almost) illegal in the state of California and I personally do not support it.
  • Any Illegal, non-consensual sexual activity is harmful to the parties involved.

We will sit down and discuss your concerns in a confidential, respectful setting and my goal is to assist you to have a fulfilled, health relationship with your partner or to support you and your child who has questions about sex. Contact me at 916-790-6393 for a free phone consultation.

You have only moments to live. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

I have a fear of flying. That’s right, I’m a therapist and I have a fear of flying. When I first read that quote I immediately flashed on being in a plane in distress and thought… “What if I *really* only had moments to live?” I reminded myself I was not in any danger then thought…”Wow. What a gift each and every one of those moments really are.” We live so much of our life on auto-pilot that we are not fully present in the moments of our lives. Why does it take a terrible moment, or fearful one, to make that point a reality? How do we cultivate this awareness in ourselves, so that we can be fully present in each of these moments? We do it through Mindfulness.

In a nutshell, mindfulness is the skill of paying attention…on purpose. It is a cultivating of presence. It means being fully present in this moment, and every moment, so that you can be aware of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs that arise along with these moments. “That sounds nice, but how does it apply to my life?” When you notice thoughts & feelings that come up for you, through the act of paying attention (being mindful) you are able to see them more clearly, you become less apt to judge them and through that process are ultimately able to change your reaction to them.

You can apply this mindfulness into every area of your life….Mindful eating, mindful parenting, mindful awareness of anxiety, depression, etc. Inviting yourself to be fully present in all the moments of your life, opens you up to all the possibilities in each of those moments.

Why Choose Me

      • Licensed family and individual therapist
      • Mindfulness yogi
      • Help for parents with connecting with their children
      • Guidance for individuals who want to calm their sad & worried mind
      • Education for individuals and families on sexual health

What Clients Say

I now feel like I’m enjoying life each day, not just trying to make it through each day.
Teenager, Female Client
Chrissy has helped me tremendously in setting a course for the future and thinking through the consequences of choosing to confront my family.
Husband, Male Client
I feel like the friendships and family relationships I’m renewing now are more genuine.
Mother of Two, Female Client