Ready for a change? I want to help

My name is Chrissy Cate. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. If you are in need of individual counseling or family counseling, I’m here to help . Whether feeling like you’re lost, can’t see yourself out of your struggles, trouble facing challenges at work, with your significant other, your children, your friends and need help out of this negative cycle? ….I have the clinical skills and real world knowledge to help you.

At one time or another in our lives we find that we are spinning our wheels, “stuck in a rut”, wanting a change and need a little help to propel ourselves forward. This inability to move forward in our lives often comes from unresolved feelings such as sadness, anxiety, our mind games (what we tell ourselves about our abilities) and the environment we surround ourselves in. Changing any or all of these obsticales is a major undertaking! Many of us have been in these negative cycles most of our lives and we need help to change them.

In individual therapy think of me as your guide, your coach, to help you understand the patterns that are not serving you, see where they come from and implement change to propel you in the direct you want to be. My passion for helping others comes from several significant events in my life which allow me to not only relate to what it is like to experience such losses, such sadness and worry, but also from a deep desire to help you learn from your own experience. We will work together to discover and address each of the unique challenges you face, and set up a treatment plan break through them leading you to a happier, more fulfilled, productive life.

Much like individual therapy, family therapy will deal with the interpersonal struggles informed by each family members thoughts feelings, attitudes and beliefs. By giving each person in the family a voice in defining the goals for treatment with the ultimate goal being that your family function better together.

Sometimes, try as we might, we feel ill equipped to meet the needs of our very own children. I have heard parents say, “I just don’t know what else to do…I’m at my wits end!” Or, “I’m a bad parent, I’ve failed him.” Let me just say, No, you have not failed them. And Yes, there is hope for your child. I will work with each member of your family to understand and overcome the challenges you and your family face today and help you develop and maintain a positive relationship with your child. Additionally I focus on working with the modern family, in all its forms, and will work with you to design a treatment plan that works with your families unique needs.

My approach to Counseling/Therapy

I think of myself as a modern therapist, more of a guide or coach rather than the traditional Freudian therapist image from the past. While I am a licensed professional, with all the education that implies and 15+ yrs of real world experience in multiple areas of mental health, I have a practical approach to therapy. My approach is solution focused therapy with a mix of insight oriented, cognitive-behavioral and family systems information. In other words …

  • I want to learn about the issues you face.
  • Understand the history of these issues.
  • Help you see how these negative patterns are no longer serving you.
  • And finally help you implement this plan, reviewing your success all along the way.

You will come out with a product, a guide on how to approach challenges in your life.